Susan Wright-Boucher's "3 Blogging Lessons I Learned as a Blog Awards Juror"

Susan Wright-Boucher was a juror in the 2013 Canadian Weblog Awards, and she has written a very complimentary piece about her role and what it taught her. We think it's great, but then we might be a bit biased.

3 Blogging Lessons I Learned as a Blog Awards Juror:
As an avid blogger and marketing student, I was excited to serve as a Canadian Weblog Awards juror. I knew I could be of help and figured I'd pick up a couple of tips along the way. What I didn't know is how much the judging process would teach me about building an effective blog.

Elan Morgan

Elan Morgan is a writer and web designer who works from Elan.Works, a designer and editor at GenderAvenger, and a speaker who has spoken across North America. They have been seen in the Globe & Mail, Best Health, Woman's Day, and Flow magazines, TEDxRegina, and on CBC News and Radio. They believe in and work to grow both personal and professional quality, genuine community, and meaningful content online.