Blogging How To – Copyright, Fair Use/Fair Dealing, And Hotlinking: What You Need To Know

I recently had content republished without my permission, and I thought I'd share what I learned — "Copyright, Fair Use/Fair Dealing, And Hotlinking: What You Need To Know":
Janssen finally removed my article from after I sent my second e-mail request for him to do so. He has let me know that he will no longer link to the Canadian Weblog Awards and will now only publicize the Canadian Blog Awards, which is another weblog awards program in Canada that is run by popular vote.

We at the Canadian Weblog Awards are more than fine with this arrangement, but we do think that it is extremely important for Allan Janssen at and everyone else, for that matter, to have at least a general clue about what copyright and fair use are and how to go about republishing works by other authors both on and off the internet.

Elan Morgan

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