Bow Down Before The 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Jurors

The jury behind the 2010 Canadian Weblog Award astounded me with their hard work and thoughtful commentary, and I can say, without a doubt, that they not only made these awards possible but also made them shine. They read, contemplated, and weighed each weblog through not one but two rounds of adjudication, and I am humbled by their volunteerism and hard work to help bring these awards through their inaugural year.

Thank you, 2010 CWA jury! You are a fantastic lot.


ALBERTINE WATSON studies journalism, public relations, layout design, advertising, media production, and creative writing in the Creative Communications program at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Previously, Albertine has also studied 3D computer graphics, web design, graphic design, and motion graphics, with a major in 3D computer graphics in the Digital Multimedia Technology program at RRC. She has over seven years experience using a total of eight different social media platforms. She runs two blogs, two academic Facebook groups, and two Twitter pages. She has also written video game reviews for a number of websites as well as her own personal website she ran when she was 13 years old. In her spare time, Albertine enjoys dabbling in photography, researching video game design, and baking the world’s most delicious chocolate chip cookies. She lives in the tiny town of St. François Xavier, Manitoba, surrounded by an army of tin robots. She has a few homes on the internet. They are:,,,,, and


AMBER aka Meal Planning Mama: My "go to" answer when someone asks for a description of myself is to say "I rock." Which I do, truly :) So, who am I? A lover of books and blogs who took her own desire to write to the internet. I majored in English Lit in University with dreams of being an English professor when I "grew up", but truthfully I don't think I can ever grow up, and I'm okay with that. I struggle daily in my cyber world to censor myself, and somedays I fail miserably, other days I bore the hell out of all of you. I am a wife (happily married), and mother to two. I work inside and outside of the home and love my life. And wine. I love my life and wine... oh, and bacon, but doesn't everyone love bacon?!?


CLUMBERKIM is a 40-something mom living in Pittsburgh with her husband, two young children, and two Clumber Spaniels. In addition to working full-time at a local university as a computing services manager, she serves as vice president of the Clumber Spaniel Health Foundation, as finance committee chair on the board of her local Girl Scout council, and as a lower school parent coordinator and parent ambassador at her son's school. Kim blogs at ClumberKim, but you can also find Kim at Draft Day Suit, a super awesome sports blog. She does not sleep.

DAVID CORMICAN founded Year of the Skunk Productions and the prestigious Canadian Short Screenplay Competition, which he recently partnered with the Yorkton Film Festival. As Head of Development for Minds Eye Entertainment, he oversees the slate of feature films, mini-series, scripted series and new media properties. David is a member of Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television (ACCT), Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA), Canadian Actor’s Equity (CAEA), Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association (SMPIA) and an ambassador for Raindance Canada. Most recently, Cormican was nominated for the 2010 Regina Mayor’s Arts & Business Award for Innovation in the Arts and was recently a recipient of the National Screen Institute’s 2010 Drama Prize, in addition to a Bravo!FACT award for the short film Minus Lara starring Romina D’Ugo. He is currently executive producing Faces In The Crowd, starring Milla Jovavich and is currently filling a similar role on the upcoming Fall thriller, The Tall Man, with Jessica Biel. He is a board member for Regina Downtown Business Improvement District, a counsellor for ACTRA Saskatchewan and board member representing the arts portfolio for SaskCulture. You can find him at

DIANA SEKHON comes from a long line of proud Canadians who made the inexplicable decision to emigrate to the States shortly before she was born. From her little corner of Nordeast Minneapolis, she teaches online career college classes, helps out at her local craft store, and is mommy, wife, and chief bottle washer of the Sekhon clan. Diana's turn ons include cabbage, proper use of apostrophes (they're not for plurals!) and being mistaken for Agent Scully. She has often been accused of having both an infectious giggle and intimidating manner, and would like to know how those two go together. When she’s not working, knitting, or swearing like a sailor (third generation), she is walking around balmy Minnesota in her flip-flops. Yes, in the 30 inches of snow (that’s 76 cm to you!). What? After taking a hiatus from blogging, she is preparing for her triumphant return to a new space, Visit often to keep her honest!

GABRIEL ALMADA is an Argentine who moved to Canada back in 2000. A dedicated and loving husband and father of four, Gabriel travels. A lot, actually. Whenever he's not on a business trip, he spends whatever little free time he has coaching his kids at soccer, singing, and doing whatever he can to survive in a house where three of the four kids are teenagers. Gabriel is a very prolific blogger, and he writes about... stuff. You can check out his blog Live From Waterloo and follow him on Twitter at @lfwaterloo.


JANESSE LEUNG: Congrats, dedicated nominees — it has certainly been a pleasure and an inspiration to experience so many fine blogs. Professionally speaking, I handle online communications for ACTRA Toronto, the largest branch of Canada's actors' union. The rest of the time I kick-box competitively and juggle various fiction-writing, art, and Web projects. Find me on Twitter as @sharawadgis or (lightly) blogging at

JES is a Calgary based blogger of the entertainment blog XOXO Jes. She will either make you laugh or want want to pummel her in the face — either way she will have accomplished her goal. But don't worry, the karma boomerang whacks her in the box daily.

My name is JESS HOWARD. I write at Hope Bomb. I used to have a blog called drowning in kids. In 2010 I decided to try something new. Living life presently and in the healthiest way I could. Changing the name and focus of my blog was a huge part of that. I still talk about my family, but it's not my focus and I'm not sure it ever was. Much of the archives detail my four-year struggle with depression. I am not depressed any more. I'm not a single mother either, though I was for three years. In April 2010, my ex-husband and I began a reconciliation. I don't talk about that very much. In March of this year, I began running and completed a half marathon on 10-10-10. I am now training to run a full marathon in October 2011 and try my best to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I have a personal running coach and spend a great deal of time running around my country home. Running is my cure for anxiety and depression. I very much enjoyed judging the Canadian Weblog Awards. Thank you.

JESSICA VAN DYNE-EVANS started her blog as a way to chronicle some of her stories for her family 'back home' and fell in love with the community and camaraderie she found. Six years later, daysgoby made it to Alltop, The Bad Moms' Club Favourite Mom Blogs List, Blog With Integrity, and has been featured on Five Star Friday. Jess has also written for Canada Moms Blogs, better than a playdate, and Bloghers ACT Canada. While she still hasn't made it to a BlogHer, (maybe next year?) she attended a blog conference in Niagara Falls and has met many bloggers one on one, all of whom seem to be relatively normal people and not at all like the screaming loons everyone warned her about. In her day-to-day world, Jess volunteers — for her local Community Health Board, the animal shelter and the elementary school, and works full time. A voracious reader, she can usually be found either taking pictures of everything or with her nose deep in a good book. Her Canadian husband and two small-ish children love her dearly, but think being friends with people living in the computer is….weird. 'S okay. They're weird, too. Eh?

JO ANNA ROTHMAN, MA is inspired and wants you to be, too! She specializes in assisting people in releasing the blocks that hold them back from consciously creating and receiving all they desire. Jo Anna is an experienced counselor, intuitive and healer. She lives in the knowledge that change can be glorious and healing can fun. She the creator and facilitator of The Receiving Project, a free project designed to help people open up to receiving all the good stuff they desire. Jo Anna holds a BA Writing from Emerson College and an MA Counseling Psychology from University of Santa Monica. She can be found at as well as



JONATHAN KLEIMAN is a business lawyer practicing law in Toronto and a serial entrepreneur. Jonathan makes himself available to offer legal and business advice to Canadians who are looking to secure their rights and strengthen their business prospects going forward. He obtained a law degree from Queen's University after studying Philosophy and Political Science at McGill University.

Native from a small-town in Québec, young entrepreneur KATHLEEN BOUCHER grew up in La Belle Province where French was her primary language. After earning bachelors and masters degrees in Biology and Toxicology respectively, Kathleen worked alternatively in pest control, pharmaceuticals, and environmental sciences before she moved to Calgary, Alberta and decided to start her own businesses. Kathleen is currently working on her upcoming matenity retail store (Cerisier Baby & Maternity) and recently launched "Small Business in French" — a hassle-free English-to-French translation service for other small businesses, blogs, and individuals. Kathleen likes to spend her spare time with her husband Mark and 13-month old daughter Kara. She enjoys singing, visiting Japan and... soaking in her bathtub.

KENDRA, or Headless Mom as she's known around the internet, has been a part of the blogging community since 2007. She writes about her life, her kids, recipes, and American Idol on her blog The Adventures of the Headless Family. She writes about her obsession with sports at, and about living in Southern California at When her fingers aren't attached to her keyboard she... well she doesn't do much else. Viva blogging!

I'm KRISTIN DARGUZAS, Mom to my 5 year old minion, fiance to my ripped up computer geek life partner and a slightly neurotic and alarmingly lucky woman. I insist on doing at least one ludicrous, terrifying thing every day and it's improved my quality of and appreciation for life by 100%. I've been writing on the Internet since 2003, which makes me old school. My skin is two kilometers deep. I write a sporadically updated personal blog, Better Now, and a clueless fitness blog, Aqufit. I'm daunted by the depth of talent in the Canadian blog space, and proud to be a part of it.

LYNN SEWARDS-BEST: I live in Canada's Ocean Playground of Nova Scotia! I retired from work a year ago after 30 years with the government and am enjoying life to the fullest. My hubby and I were only blessed with one child who has given us three awesome grandchildren. They live in Alberta. I don't have a blog, nor am I interested in having one as yet. I love reading other people's blogs and learning other people's views on life! Being a juror was really an eye opener for me. I didn't know there were that many talented Canadians out there with fantastic blogs. I really enjoyed reading the blogs and will continue to follow some of them now that I have visited them. Thanks!

LIZZ BRYCE is a Toronto-based writer and blogger. She loves the internet and also judging people so she was thrilled to be a Canadian Weblog Award juror. She blogs, when the mood strikes her, at — usually focussing on women's issues, cycling, local politics, or pop culture – and bonds with strangers on Twitter as @opinionatedlizz. She does most of her reading online and is always on the lookout for a well-argued point of view. When she’s not in front of her computer, Lizz can be found taking pictures, sipping wine, riding her bike, or playing Nintendo.

Hailing from the East (best!) coast of Canada, MARTHA GALLAGHER is a self proclaimed internet junkie. Spurred to join the CWA team based on her desire to add to her ever growing blog roll, Martha was a huge fan of perusing the best of the Canadian blogosphere. Harbouring a love for music, literature, cooking, and post secondary education, Martha can usually be found engrossed in her latest TV obsession (currently Mad Men) or forcing new recipes upon various guinea pigs. If she's not engaging in one of the aforementioned areas, she just might be riding the Dartmouth ferry, or at her day job, working with a Halifax not-for-profit organization. A past student of the field of communications and public relations, Martha is a lover of all things social media. As such, you can find her on Twitter at @MarthaGallagher, as well as on her internet home:

MEG POWER is a freelance writer who spends most of her time playing in the wonderland some call Jasper National Park. She fills her days with daydreams, writing, books, and blogs. A portion of her time is spent masquerading as a grown-up, managing a collection of historic documents and photographs held by the Jasper Yellowhead Museum and Archives.

MONIKA ROLA, a creative communicator with close to a decade of brand building, consumer and crisis communications experience, started her career as a journalist, contributing to a number of lifestyle and fashion publications; most notably working as part of a small editorial team responsible for the launch of ELLE Canada. Monika's inner geek wooed her away from the world of women's publishing and she focussed her creative energy tracking emerging technologies for a number of publications, eventually moving into the world of public relations and social media. An experienced social media program manager; she develops and leads digital PR programs for top Canadian consumer, technology and B2B companies. Monika currently works with the Strategic Objectives team, managing Western Canada media relations from Vancouver, BC. She is a voracious reader of blogs, an avid photographer, a mom to a two-year-old bundle of energy, and a much better cook in theory than she is in practice. Connect with Monika on Twitter: @MonikaRola.

Nickie is a Domestic Engineer who lives in the Southeast US with her fabulous husband, four children, three dogs, and two cats. She enjoys traditional and digital art, web design, and amateur photography. She has been blogging since 2007 and can be found writing about life, marriage, mothering, and her tremendous faith at Southern Expressions. When she's not blogging, chasing kids, or wrangling the animals, you can find her nose-deep in a good book or dreaming of digging her toes in the sand at some exotic tropical location. Nickie is admittedly addicted to Coca-Cola, fried chicken, romantic comedies, and her kids-- not necessarily in that order. She hopes to someday grow up to be a professional photographer, world traveler, and doting grandmother — also not necessarily in that order.

RENÉ is a visual artist. She kicks at the darkness at fruityfantastica and is also a card-carrying member of the Hedge Society.

RHONDA GUSTAVSON, aka Nowlansgirl, spends her days coaching, consulting, and otherwise collaborating and her nights arranging and re-arranging words and punctuation, hoping that someday they will line up just so and will be enjoyed by people who read them in sequence. She's drawn to creative chaos and people who keep everything on their desks at right angles. Rhonda credits her own renewed creative endeavours to the honest and un-selfconscious community of writers she follows on the web. Born on the east coast and shaped by the west, she now lives smack-dab in the middle, which suits her just fine.

ROSEANNE HARVEY is a writer, editor, blogger and yoga teacher in Montreal. She recently transitioned from blogging about yoga to writing short fiction, but you can still find her at


SHANNON is a native Nova Scotian who left the province many years ago but has not lost the ability to dismantle a lobster with her bare hands. She spent many years in the software industry before becoming a full-time mom, writer and beagle wrangler. She started blogging back in 2000, when nobody knew what a blog was. She now writes at,,, and She may or may not have baby snot on her shirt.

SOPHIE TREMBLAY MORISSETTE is a creative communications professional who can be found tweeting at @SophieTremblayM and selling things on Etsy at enfo, which is an online boutique where she sells vintage buttons to fight poverty and homelessness.

STEWART MARSHALL is a Partner at which optimizes social media for professionals. Avidtetra helps professionals understand the value of social media and empowers them to explore and use it in their professional lives. Our core work is in ensuring clients' professional online reputations, their effective use of social media and their management of social media in their teams, departments or organizations. You don't have to be a social media expert to gain from its use or manage it effectively in your organization — as CMAs ourselves, we help you meet that objective. Outside of Avidtetra Stewart is a business mentor and storyteller. He is the Discovery Foundation Mentor in Residence at Simon Fraser University’s Venture Connection which focuses on helping students with entrepreneurial ideas turn their dreams into real business. He is also an instructor at Capilano University as well as a course developer and workshop author on entrepreneurship, innovation and storytelling. His clients include Simon Fraser University, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Capilano University, the Society of Certified Management Accountants (Vancouver Chapter) and the Department of Fisheries & Oceans (Pacific Region). My homes on the internet are and, as well as @finstoryteller on Twitter.

American comedian and actor SUZY SORO is best known for getting the last chocolate babka on Seinfeld. Every once in a while someone will confuse her with the marble rye woman, a character on Seinfeld who was roughly 200 years old. As you can imagine, this does not go over well. You may have also seen her on Curb Your Enthusiasm and standup shows like Starsearch and An Evening at the Improv, all from the 90s. Suzy isn't afraid to drag out her oldest credits and pretend they just happened. She's been blogging since 2006 at Where Hot Comes To Die. She's also blogged for Uproar Entertainment, L.A.'s The Place, and has been a regular blog contributor at Funny Not Slutty and Scrivel.

TAMARA HARDER has tried this whole blogging thing off and on for years, but it hasn't yet stuck. She chooses to live her life mostly offline in Regina, Sk where she works with inner-city students to help them get involved in sport, culture and recreation activities. She loves to craft and spends any free time working on scrapbook pages, stamped greeting cards, sewing projects, or any number of new crafts she just has to try. Spinning with a drop spindle, felting, crochet and knitting are on the list for 2011. You can visit her sporadically updated blog at


Originally from Brazil, VERONICA HERINGER is a multimedia professional experienced in developing integrated communications strategies for local and international corporations and non-profit organizations. In Brazil, Veronica has worked as a TV Producer and Programmer at Telecine Network and Playboy Brasil. After immigrating to Canada, Veronica worked at ISSofBC Mentoring Connections program as a Marketing and Mentoring Outreach Consultant, connecting skilled immigrants with Vancouver-based professionals in mentoring relationships. Since 2010, Veronica has been developing international social media campaigns as a Community Cultivation Manager at DDB Canada. My online home is You can also add my twitter handle, blog, and Linkedin profile to my bio, if you'd like.

Elan Morgan

Elan Morgan is a writer and web designer who blogs from and works from, spreads gratitude through the social network, and speaks all over. They have been seen in the Globe & Mail, Best Health and Woman's Day magazines, TEDxRegina, and on CBC News and Radio. They believe in and work to grow both personal and professional quality, genuine community, and meaningful content online.