2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Exclusive Nominee Interview with Karen Sugarpants and sam {temptingmama} of Craftastrophe

Karen Sugarpants and sam {temptingmama} author Craftastrophe, which has been nominated in both the Crafting and Group Weblog categories of the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards.

Why blogging?

Because it pays so well. Hahaha..not. Blogging is part of who we both are now — we've both been blogging for forever and a day on our personal blogs, and this idea just made sense to blog when we started it.

What is the story behind the birth of Craftastrophe, and what keeps your inspiration going?

Craftastrophe began one night when we were on IM, "pouncing" on Etsy and discovering hilarious creations — some were well made but served no purpose, and some were just full of disaster win that we had to share them with the world. We were both laughing so hard, we couldn't help but start a website. Cake Wrecks was just becoming uber-popular and we knew we had a winner on our hands. As far as keeping inspiration going, that's easy. We both love to laugh. It doesn't feel like work. If life keeps us busy and we're unable to post, we don't sweat it. It's a fun hobby that pays well, that's all.

Are there any particular craftastrophes that continually haunt your memories?

Unicorn Porn, for sure. And Little Otik — I really want to rent the movie because it just looks so messed up.

Have there been any craftastrophes that you would not publish an entry about?

Yes — there is a crafter that emails us once a week to feature her work and it's really not that funny. The theme is something about Satan and it's just boring. As for nudity and NSFW stuff — we're just careful about what to show on the front page so our advertisers don't get their panties in a wad.

Craftastrophe has been featured in The Guardian and coined a new term in Urban Dictionary, among many other acknowledgments. Bloggers who achieve a certain internet celebrity status usually have an "aha" or "OMG" moment when they realize the extent of their reach and influence. Was this true with you and, if so, can you describe what that was like?

Winning Guilty Pleasure Blog 2009 at BlogHer alongside MamaPop was definitely one of those moments, as well as people freaking out when they met us in person — that was both uncomfortable and ego-lifting for a couple of shy Canadians. Oh and our first big ad cheques. We like money. And laughter. But mostly money.

What are your must-reads?

Lamebook, Not Always Right, and FourFour.

If you were to impart knowledge to an aspiring blogger, what would you tell them?

Find a niche that you enjoy. Have fun. Don't get too wrapped up in stats. Ask questions. Participate in your community. Don't be an asshole.

sam {temptingmama}, Craftastrophe co-author, can't find enough to do. If it's not enough raising her two young boys, blogging regularly at her personal site, Temporarily Me, and web designing for Temptations Designs! and Swank Web Style, she’s now finally found an outlet for outting handmade / homemade AWESOMENESS that is Craftastrophe. No, there is no craft talent here and she's EXTREMELY jealous about that.

Karen Sugarpants, Craftastrophe co-author, can't make crafts. She can barely make toast. So to curb her insecurities, she helps Sam make fun of those who can. Or those who think they can. Or those who think they can but can't and despite their craftastic failures, they try to shill this garbage on craft sites. You can also find her at the greek buffet scarfing down ouzo and spanakapita. NOM NOM NOM! Karen recently retired from web design to return to University. She blogs at MamaPop, Uptake, Canada Moms Blog and a new sex blog, Crazy Sex Stuff. She twitters like a mental maniac. And ignores her personal blog a lot.


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