2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Exclusive Nominee Interview with Sadie Shih Tzu of Hi, I'm Sadie Shih Tzu

Sadie Shih Tzu authors Hi, I'm Sadie Shih Tzu, which has been nominated in the Life category of the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards.

Why do you blog?

I started out on Twitter before I had a blog. I loved talking about the mischief I got into, but 140 characters was never enough space – I get into a lot of troubles. Also, in the winter here in Manitoba I have to stay indoors, because outside it's too cold on my feets. I'm energetic, and blogging seemed like a good way to burn off some of my puppy energy.

The first stuffs I wrote were a bit silly, really. I was just warming up to the blogging thing. Then I realised I could write about important doggeh stuffs such as getting spayed or the dangers of eating rawhide. Because I knew other anipals read my blog, this seemed like a good way to put important words in front of them.

The other side to that is that I can make peoples happy. I'm a cute doggeh, and cute doggehs look good in photos. I like putting smiles on faces.

Between your mischief-making and your blogging, you are quite a busy shih tzu. How do you manage to keep all your balls in the air?

Sleep is important to any busy doggeh. I make sure I get plenty so I can meet my blogging and mischief head-on. Also, I'm very good at playing fetch and can even find tennis balls in the snow, so I think I'm quite experienced with the ball thing.

Has anything embarrassing ever happened as a result of your blogging activity?

Recently, I met a nice boy doggeh called Millo – he's my boyfriend now. His person is a photographer, and they both came to my house for a photo shoot for my blog. I don't meet a lot of boy doggehs. Millo was very playful, but I was wary of him. Then, he did something that would make even a person blush (see this photo: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2700/4331770527_5d85a08532_o.jpg). That’s the first time a boy doggeh has done that to me. I was very embarrassed. Then, he tried to kiss me (http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4036/4331771175_029858b9b9_o.jpg). I had to have a good rest after that.

How has celebrity changed you?

Honestly, I don't think celebrity has changed me. I like treats, playing, sleeping, and belly rubs. I'm just a dog with a blog living in Manitoba. I don't go to glamourous parties or ride in limousines. I do like to be the centre of attention, but I was like that even as a puppy. I think the biggest shock of all was finding out that Ellen DeGeneres from The Ellen DeGeneres Show was following me on Twitter. It didn't change me, but it made me realise how far my words can travel on the internet.

For a tech-savvy pooch such as yourself, what weblogs are your must-reads?

I don't read the technical bloggehs. My person does that. One of my very favourite woofsites is written by my Twitter pal Trixie. She's a Papillion, and her blog helps persons understand doggehs: http://www.itrixie.com/. Trixie is funny and cute and always makes me laugh. Another site I like is BZTAT Art Studios: http://bztat.com/. Mrs. Vicki is an artist person, and she does nice pictures of animals. She did one of me: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5128839&l=7a96d645c2&id=624455559.

If you were to impart some knowledge to an aspiring blogger, what would you tell them?

Having a passion is important if you want to write a bloggeh. If you don't have passion, it will show. Write about stuffs that you love. And if the words don't come easily, just write something. Anything. I started off writing about snow. But the more I did that, the easier it became. If a dog can write a blog, then so can any person.

Sadie Shih Tzu was born on the fourth of July 2008. Her person found her on the internet, which is fitting, because Sadie loves to tweet, Facebook, and blog. Sadie lives in Manitoba with her British doggeh mama and particularly likes snow, which is fortunate, because there’s lots of it in Canada.

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