Lynne Faubert Brings French Translation to the Canadian Weblog Awards

Lynne FaubertOne thing that I really wanted to see for the Canadian Weblog Awards was a more bilingual presence on the website. Although I had grades in the mid-90s in my high school French classes, my actual ability to speak and write the language remained embarrassingly limited, and so I am thrilled to announce that Lynne Faubert has stepped forward to offer up her translation services.

When Lynne e-mailed me to suggest her services, I literally whooped out loud. Let me introduce her to you through her bio from our slowly growing Who We Are page:

Lynne Faubert is a freelance food writer who works with Québec ad agencies and national food manufacturers. She was the French ghostwriter on several books (Des kiwis et des hommes and 100 recettes, 100 vedettes, Centraide) and magazines, most notably for the TV show "Les Saisons de Clodine". She is hard at work preparing her first food blog about the making of a book on feeding picky eaters.

While not every weblog entry here will be translated from English into French, Lynne has translated the majority of our static pages: About, Criteria, FAQ/nomination form, 2010 CWA categories/nominees, and Buttons. On each of these pages, the French text appears in italics following the English text. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

Thank you, Lynne, for all your hard work, and welcome to the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards!

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