Top Five Finalists In Each Of The 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Categories Revealed!

2010 Canadian Weblog AwardsThe 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards' 49 jurors handed in all of their scores for the 457 nominated weblogs by November 21st, and since then I have spent my time tabulating the outcomes and compiling lists and wiggling with anticipation.

It's true. I wiggle with anticipation. I'm six.

I added up the last of the numbers and compiled the last of the lists last night, and it is like Christmas exploded in my brain. I know that the timeline laid out for the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards dictates that the top five finalists in each category be announced on December 1st, but I am just too excited to wait that whole extra several hours. I just can't hold it inside any longer, so I am going to commit sacrilege and tell you who the finalists are right now.

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The top five finalists in each of the 37 categories in the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards are as follows, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each category will be determined by jury over the month of December and will be announced on January 1, 2011. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: The People's Choice category will be up for public vote again in the final round, and the poll will be available for voting between December 21 and 28.


Art & Photography
Art et photographie


Arts & Culture
Arts et culture


Best Designed
Meilleur design


Best New Weblog (for weblogs created after July 31, 2009)
Meilleur nouveau blogue (blogues créés après le 31 juillet 2009)


Best Written
Meilleurs textes


Business & Career
Affaires et carrières


Bande dessinée




Ecology & Social Justice
Écologie et justice sociale




Family & Parenting
Famille et enfants


Fashion & Style
Mode et style




Food & Drink
Cuisine et breuvages


French Language
En français




Group Weblog
Blogue collectif


Health & Wellness (includes physical and mental health and disabilities)
Santé et bien-être (incluant santé physique, mentale et handicaps)






Mode de vie


Lifetime Achievement (for weblogs created before January 1, 2005)
Prix d'excellence pour l'ensemble de son œuvre (blogues créés avant le 1er janvier 2005)


Media & Journalism
Médias et journalisme


Microblog (Twitter, Tumblr,, Jaiku, Posterous, etc.)
Microblogue (Twitter, Tumblr,, Jaiku, Posterous, etc.)

@sween (Twitter)
@mathewi (Twitter)
Cook Clean (Tumblr)
@simonaioffe (Twitter)






People's Choice (open to public vote from December 1-31, 2010)
Prix du public (ouvert au public du 1er au 31 décembre 2010)


Placeblog (contains local political/social/arts/community articles about a place)
Placeblogue (contenant des articles sur la politique/vie sociale/arts/communauté dans une localité)


Podcast & Vlog
Podcast et vlog




Pop Culture & Entertainment
Pop culture et spectacles


Religion, Spirituality, & Philosophy
Religion, spiritualité et philosophie


Science, Technology, & the Internet
Science, technologie et Internet


Sports, Fitness, & Recreation
Sports, condition physique et loisirs




Writing & Literature
Écriture et littérature

THE Blog
Francine Minville – auteure

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