I'm Wrangling Lists of Weblogs and Jurors and Checking Them Twice

As I mentioned in my previous update, I have been wrapped up as a speaker at the BlissDom Canada conference in Toronto and am now visiting with my in-laws in Niagara-on-the-Lake, so I have been away from my home base in Regina, Saskatchewan for almost a week. This has put me slightly off schedule as far as wrangling the last of the nominations and contacting our panel of judges, but be not concerned! We will be back up and running on schedule within a couple of days.

my Content Ninja co-panelists at BlissDom Canada

If you have nominated a weblog or if your weblog has been nominated, and it is not yet showing up on the website, please know that I am still entering the last of the nominations, which just closed last night at midnight. Never fear! You have not been forgotten.

If you applied to be a volunteer juror and have not yet heard from me, you are not alone. None of the other volunteer jurors have heard from me, either. Again, though, never fear! You will have a list of weblogs to pile through in your inbox before too long.

And now it is incumbent upon me to join my in-laws downstairs for a feast of rosemary pork tenderloin and roasted vegetables – my life is terribly difficult, you see – so I will resurface in a couple of days with either good news or a delightful workload, where appropriate.



Elan Morgan

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