Nominees of the Day: Placeblog

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards NomineeToday's 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards nominees of the day come from our most recent addition to the awards, the Placeblog category.

I have been blogging for almost seven years, but the term "placeblogging" was a new one to me, so when it was suggested that we needed a Placeblog category, I looked into it. I can't say for sure, but the term appears to date back to 2007, and it perfectly filled a growing hole in the Canadian Weblog Awards. This definition explains it well:

A placeblog is an act of sustained attention to a particular place over time
It can be done by one person, a defined group of people, or in a way that’s open to community contribution
It’s not a newspaper, though it may contain random acts of journalism
It’s about the lived experience of a place

Check out our Placeblog nominees blogging from Annapolis Royal, Ottawa, Northumberland County, and Yellowknife and leave them comments to say hello:
Annapolis Royal Heritage
Greater Ottawa
Yellowknife Online

If you know of a superb Canadian placeblog, take a moment to show your appreciation and nominate it in the Placeblog category of the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards.


Elan Morgan

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