Neil Kramer of Citizen of the Month Talks Up the Canadian Weblog Awards

Neil Kramer of the weblog Citizen of the Month wrote "Categories", a rumination about the Canadian Weblog Awards, and we're pretty chuffed about it. He's been kicking around the arena of weblogs since March 2005, which means that he is a blogging dinosaur, which means that we like his opinion on the matter:

Schmutzie does it right; she creates a category of family and parenting as an umbrella for whoever writes about family. This could be a mom or dad who write about their family. It could be a gay man raising a child with his partner. It could be a single man who adopted a son. It could even be a woman who is caring for her sick sister. Are we going to say that these sisters are not a family unit, with the same types of problems that any family might have, just because they are not child-rearing. If I moved in with my MIL to care for her, and I started a blog about it, would you discount me from being in the “family” blog category along with your traditional mommyblogging blog?

Check it out. The indirect comparison between us and Martin Luther King doesn't hurt, either.


Elan Morgan

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