2012 Jurors!

We are pleased to introduce you to our Ninjamatics' 2012 Canadian Weblog Awards volunteer jury. They hail from all over the world, including Canada, the United States, England, and Australia. They made our third season possible!

Alexa Stevenson is a freelance writer and author of the memoir Half Baked. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications, including PARADE Magazine, Parents, and Salon, as well as on NPR's Morning Edition. You can find her online at Flotsam. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.
Aimee Giese is a graphic designer, web developer, blogger, social media strategist, photographer and non-sleeper from Denver, Colorado, USA. She and her husband have one son, Dex, who is 10 years old, loves to invent things, loves to draw, and is featured prominently on her blog, Greeblemonkey. She is happy to call myself a mom blogger, but in truth, she is probably more of a lifestyle blogger who talks about her kid a lot. Because photography, music, travel, technology and liberal politics also play a huge role in her life.
Arianna Merritt, M.Ed., is a Learning and Development Specialist and the Founder of Arianna's Random Thoughts. The focus of her work is centered around issues of: perseverance, mentoring, self-worth, body-image, and bullying prevention. Arianna empowers individuals to reach their full potential through finding their voices and sharing their stories. She recently published her first book Stand Tall & Speak From the Heart: How to Find Your Way. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and on her website. She lives in Canada.
Becca Masters is a wife, blogger, food lover, bookworm, and social media addict who lives in London (in sunny old England) with her husband, three fish, and she has a baby on the way. She's also known by her blogger identity MrsFlams and spends more time reading blogs than writing on her own. Originally a small island girl, she's now a big city girl with the weird accent to prove it. She loves cooking, eating, reading, travelling and wine, not necessarily in that order.
Carolyn Thomas of Victoria, BC, Canada, after surviving a "widow maker" heart attack in 2008, became the first Canadian ever accepted to attend the WomenHeart Science & Leadership Symposium for Women With Heart Disease at the Mayo Clinic. Since returning from Mayo, she's done presentations to thousands of women (and a few men!) about women's #1 killer. In 2009, Our Bodies Ourselves of Boston named her one of their "Women's Health Heroes". She blogs at the award-winning Heart Sisters and is active on Twitter, too. She's also one of ShareCare's 2012 Top 10 Heart Disease Online Influencers.
Cat McD (@creativespin) is a Web editor and blogger in Washington, DC, USA. She holds an MFA in creative writing and an MA in interactive journalism. Her interests include the pursuit of good vegan eats, building solid parenting skills, creating a happy life after divorce, and living a holistically healthy life on a budget. Find her at Mojo Central.
Chris Read is the voice behind Canadian Dad. He is a father, writer, brand spokesperson, and advocate for Dads everywhere. Chris writes about parenting for several sites including the PTPA, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, and Life of Dad, where he also helps run the social media accounts. Chris is also the co-founder of the Gil Read Memorial Foundation, which helps less fortunate kids compete in sports.
C.M. Cole is a wife, mother and empty nester. I think my children have gone past referring to me as an Ogre Mum, but I'll stick with the title for now. Love to read, research, and continually learn how to do things better or differently. If things work out, we'll be moving closer to Alberta, Canada to be near our children, since they had to leave to find employment, and now it seems like an empty house is not all people think it should be. Enjoy reading blogs and learning how to do things right. May work at my own more in the future when I discover that I want to share something with others.
Danielle Donders, aka DaniGirl, is a blogger, photographer, mother of three, and professional dilettante. She has been blogging about raising a family in Ottawa at Postcards from the Mothership since 2005. She has also been known to take a photo or two. In her spare time, Danielle manages the social media channels for a big government department.
Jen is a veteran blogger by night at Semantically Driven, and occasionally at Safari Suit, and is a writer for the web by day. She parents a pre-teen boy and enjoys performing music and taking photos to try and remain sane in between all that work and parenthood entails. She's still searching for what she's going to be when she grows up. Oh, and she tweets at @jenseeya, comes from South Australia, and really wants to visit Canada one day.
Jen Wilson lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada with her husband and three kids. She loves the prairies because of all the sky she can see but often misses the ocean she grew up by. She quit working after her third child was born and now does random side-jobs that allow her to both pay the rent and spend as much time as she wants with her kids. She enjoys gardening, cooking, running, photography, and reading. Jen has been blogging since 2004, but has a bad habit of blowing blogs up. She is currently parked at jenwilson.ca, and twitters from @jenwilsonca.
Jeni Armstrong lives in Toronto, Canada, where she divides her blogging time between Order Up, a blog for and about the Canadian restaurant industry, and her personal blog, Joy and Woe, which features two photogenic children and a lot of swearing. You can also find her on Twitter at @joyandwoe, which is perfect if you prefer your cursing in 140 characters or less.
Katerine-Lune Rollet has veered into the web, becoming a Tourisme Montreal blogger as their food ambassador after 16 years in front of CBC's cameras. She teaches social media at INIS (Institut national de l'image et du son) and has a journalism career in culinary tourism (Canoe + radio report). She attends food congresses and meets chefs around the world, inspiring Canadians to discover specialities and restaurants from abroad. Addicted to her iPhone, she searches for and shares information on the culinary and gastronomic trends on her blog katerinerollet.com and in social media. She lives in Montreal.
Kathleen Sperduti lives just outside of Toronto, Canada with her husband and two young sons. She is a teacher, writer, and blogger, and she spends far too much time reading or watching sports. Kathleen started Celiac Baby! — a site that offers tips, recipes, and reviews on living life gluten free — after discovering that her son's health issues were all being caused by gluten. She also runs Kat's Book Buzz, a site dedicated to reading, writing, and the pursuit of the next great read. Find her on Twitter at @CeliacBaby and @KatsBookBuzz.
Katie York has been an extremely active member of the blogging community both online and behind the scenes since 2005. In addition to her own personal labour of love, motherbumper, she also has been been fostering an epic iPhoneography addiction and can almost always be found on Twitter or Instagram sharing the world she captures one frame at a time. She lives in Toronto, Canada.
Lindsey Reeder is a social media enthusiast who tweets, blogs, and instagrams all day about her love of reading. She blogs about her personal reading experience at Reeder Reads and for her employer's two blogs, Retreat by Random House and Crave by Random House. When she isn't behind the computer screen, she's typically singing Shaggy lyrics and dancing like no one's watching. You can follow her on Twitter at @ReederReads or @RandomHouseCA.
Lisa is a marketer in her professional life, but life's not all about work, or at least it's not supposed to be. A lover of all things wine, chocolate, and stinky cheese, she makes the best cupcakes in town and always has a supply of bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Her heart is in the Okanagan, a place known for its picturesque lakes, mountains, orchards, vineyards, and a quieter way of life. Now in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, she's trying to convince her kids that Alberta has as much to offer as Kelowna. Her adventures are at OkanaganMama.com.
Liz Hover, Brit gal, is the director for online at the National Screen Institute, a film and television training organization in Winnipeg, Canada. She teaches social media marketing and blogging, manages NSI's website, and programs their online short film festival. Liz presents workshops about the social web for many Canadian organisations and was named one of the world's top 125 fearless female bloggers. Diary of a Webgal is her personal blog where she writes about the social web and might occasionally mention her dog, Sadie, whose popular blog Hi, I'm Sadie Shih Tzu won a Ninjamatics' 2010 Canadian Weblog Award.
Liz McLennan (a.k.a. Bellymonster) runs herd on her beloved boys,"The Reds". When she’s not teaching them to do as she says (not as she does), Belly blogs at Life With Bellymonster and conveniently forgets about the laundry. She is a full-time student, dedicated to supporting folks with disabilities and is thinking about getting a teaching degree. Or something. Visit Liz on Twitter: @LizMcLennan. She shares too much, too often, but could make friends with a rock and sorta digs that. Every day, she is one step closer to convincing herself that that she lives a charmed life in Ontario, Canada.
Loukia is a mom of two boys and, since 2007, blogs at Loulou's Views. She was an Ottawa Top Three Fashion Blogger in Ottawa Magazine, a Top Six Fashion Blogger with The Ottawa Citizen, and an emcee at the grand opening of the eco-department store, terra20. She has co-hosted events at both The Bay and Old Navy for the last two years and was a Community Leader at BlissDom Canada 2012. Loukia worked in television and radio as a news writer and on-air reporter and completed internships at CBS TV in Washington, D.C. and Entertainment Tonight in Hollywood, California. Follow Loukia on Twitter: @mrsloulou.
Maureen Funk, of Vancouver, Canada, is called Mo by most of her family and friends. She has been creating jewelry for the last 12 years, but only seriously formed her company in the last few years. Before creating jewelry, she knit, sewed, and made a few quilts. She truly believes that creative expression is a part of her. Besides making jewelry, she works on creating original content and writing for her blog, Mo Funk Designs. Oh, and she's a full time teacher. It's difficult balancing all of it, but she manages, and she feels like she needs to have the creative outlet of the blog and jewelry design.
Melissa Price-Mitchell has written, designed, and maintained a personal website in some shape or form since 1999. She started blogging in 2000 and remembers when blogs didn't have comments. Her current domain is hellomelissa.net. She makes other people's content look beautiful at her day job. She tweets under the extra-long username @mpricemitchell and is grateful for the friendship and connection she has found in the Canadian blogging community. She lives in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada with her husband, daughter, and the aging family cat.
Melody McKinnon, British Columbian, holds 50+ certifications in business, marketing, writing, nutrition, biochemistry, and general sciences. She blogs for CanadiansInternet.com Business, AllNaturalPetCare.com and Petfood Industry Magazine. She is also the Community Manager & Journal Design Editor for the American Livebearer Association. You may spot her blogging on SiteProNews.com, ProBlogger.net and other top sites, or read her freelance "ghost posts" without even knowing it. Melody also sells select natural pet care products and produces her own line of natural fish food. She thinks sleep is overrated.
Michelle Chapman hails from Chippenham, a rural town in the heart of England, where she lives with her husband and two cats. She's the author of the award winning gardening blog Veg Plotting, which is more about what occurs to her up at the plot, rather than just a load of old vegetables. She also shares her pictorial view of the world via Sign of the Times. Her day job involves freelance writing (credits include the BBC and The Guardian), corporate blogging, plus managing various Twitter and Facebook accounts. Socially, you'll find her chatting away as @Malvernmeet and on Facebook.
Nathalie Ayotte, Storyteller Coach, Author, Blogger, and Columnist, inspires others to find the creator within themselves by sharing her vulnerability through witty and enlightening life experiences via her blog 100 inspirations. A strong believer in the Law of Attraction, she has consciously decided to co-create with the Universe and generously shares her creations and her love of life and art on Pinterest. Many of her Facebook fans, who refer to her as « Virtual Angel », thank her for using her "wings" to help them. She lives in Quebec, Canada.
Nathalie M Harris has done everything from working as a florist in Ottawa to managing an ophthalmologist's office in Manhattan to helping her partner open and run a deli in Vancouver. Now she writes for A Cook Not Mad with her chef-husband Tim. She has been photographing life since she was nine. Her photos have appeared in PDN's NYC Photobook, at The Cheaper Show No. 9 in Vancouver, and she is a Getty Images contributor. You can see her photos on her website and on Flickr or catch up with A Cook Not Mad on Facebook and Twitter. She lives in Quebec, Canada.
Nicola Bain is Scottish and Canadian and lives in the GTA, Canada with her two daughters. As a double parent, an individual parent who does the parenting work of two people, she writes about double-parenting's ups, downs, psychology, and legalities at The Double Parent and on Facebook. She holds an MA from The University of Glasgow, a post-grad in Teaching ESL from Humber College, and is a self-confessed Diet Coke addict, self-therapist, and grammar guru. Nicola Bain can be seen around the web on Instagram, Instacanvas, and Pinterest, and as @Nicola_Bain and @TheDoubleParent on Twitter.
Rhonda Gustavson, aka Nowlansgirl, spends her days coaching, consulting, and collaborating and her nights arranging and re-arranging words and punctuation, hoping that someday they will line up just so and will be enjoyed by people who read them in sequence. She's drawn to creative chaos and people who keep everything on their desks at right angles. Rhonda credits her own renewed creative endeavours to the honest and un-selfconscious community of writers she follows on the web. Born on the east coast and shaped by the west in Canada, she now lives smack-dab in the middle, which suits her just fine.
Robin Farr is a woman, a writer, a wife, a runner, a communications professional, a speaker, and a mom — chronologically, at least. She got mixed up philosophically during her struggle with postpartum depression but wrote her way out of it on her blog, Farewell, Stranger. That experience, and a lifelong habit of finding inspiration in even the bad things that happen to her, led her to a new motto: "Live the life you're meant to." She's now working on doing just that. You can find her on Twitter at @FarewellStrangr and on Facebook. Robin and her family live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Sarah Killoran is a technology sales professional and avid reader from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She's discovered the blogging community in the last two years and is soaking up all the treasures it has to offer before launching her own blog this spring. She lives with her two cats and live-in boyfriend (yes, in that order) in downtown Ottawa.
Shayna Murray is a wife, mother, photographer, executive assistant, and blogger who wears far too many other hats to name here. She is a proud prairie girl trying her best to balance it all. You can find her family friendly ramblings at Mommy Outside the Box. You can also find her on Twitter at @MommyOutside.
Sherrie Mae Guthrie is an educator, athlete, and caffeine aficionado. Some might say she's traded in her hockey stick and puck for a keyboard and latte, but she likes to think she can juggle it all. Her life is always an undercurrent to her writing. She's been an educator for 12 years, run half marathons, blogged, played competitive hockey, and coached a myriad of children's sports teams. She's married, has three children and two furry ones, loves Starbucks, and just bought a farm. What, she just bought a farm? Welcome along for the ride! She blogs at Good Karma Baby! and PR Mom Ottawa and tweets at @Sherriemae23.
Shruti Kapoor, PhD. is an economist, blogger, foodie, and a photographer. She lives with her husband in Brooklyn, New York, USA. She is an avid traveller and is passionate about photography and food. She has been blogging about her travels at Shruti-k.blogspot.com. She loves exploring new cities and countries with her camera and dreams of travelling the world some day. In her spare time, she enjoys movies, a good spinning class, and meditation. Connect with her on Twitter, Yelp, or Pinterest.
Stacy Morrison is an author, writer, and editor. Currently, she is editor in chief and director of content programming at BlogHer, Inc., and for 20 years before that she was a magazine editor in the U.S. at the helm of Redbook magazine, Modern Bride, ONE: Design Matters (now defunct), and more. Her first book, Falling Apart in One Piece, a memoir of divorce, was published by Simon & Schuster in 2010. She authors two blogs: one about divorce, Falling Apart In One Piece; the second, a personal blog about grief and the fragile beauty of life, Filling In The Blanks. She lives in New York, USA.
Tabatha Muntzinger is a late-twenties special needs and regular stay-at-home mom to an almost four year old and a two-and-a-half year old, as well as a wife, cat hoarder, and DIY home renovation enthusiast in Dayton, Ohio, USA who has a lifelong obsession with purple and an insatiable desire to see what she is capable of. She has been blogging since her painful early 20s and can still be found bleeding it all out at So Tabulous (or, if you're into the home renovation thing, that's at Turn Right at Lake Michigan). The best stuff is on her Twitter, @tabulous, because she forgets other people can read that most of the time.
Tanya Geisler is a certified Life and Business Coach with a penchant for clarity. She’s coached hundreds of people who were ready to step into the starring role of their lives and businesses. She wrote The Joy Pages, created Board of Your Life, is a blogger for the wildly popular The Daily Love, has served as contributor and was featured in Canadian Living, and is an in-demand speaker who talks with great passion on all things joy, meaning, and purpose (just try to stop her). She recently spoke at TEDxWomen (video available March 2013).
Trina Stewart is a lifestyle blogger from Ontario, Canada at Life's a Blog, which focuses on Entertainment and Canadian Events. By day, Trina is an independent online marketing consultant who assists companies by increasing their online visibility through social media, online advertising, and promotion. Trina is a Mom of two teenagers and is proud to say that she hasn't spotted a gray hair as of late. Her daily affirmation is "Teenagers are so much fun!"
Warren Orlans, aka The Urban Daddy and urbandaddyblog on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc., began blogging in 2004 just before the arrival of his first son, who is called "Linus" in his blog. By continuing to blog through the birth of son #2, "Stewie", and daughter, "Boo", The Urban Daddy has built up a considerable readership through longevity alone. The Urban Daddy’s expertise lies in parenting, the Canadian Live-In Caregiver Program, and coffee. A Tax Director in real life, Warren also blogs at Intaxicating and is a member of the Conceivable Dreams Blogging team #OHIP4IVF.
Yetunde is a freshly planted Calgarian in Canada and a not-so-fresh mother to twin girls. She spends her nights blogging about the answers to life's more mundane questions. Her favorite topic is "parenting twins", and there's nothing she loves more than dissecting such intricacies as diaper absorbency and tricking kids into eating. You can find her answers and dissertations at My Twintopia and the soon-to-be-launched FAQs on twins.